PI County Register of Deeds

P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, Ml 49779
Phone:( 989)734-2676
Fax:( 989)734-0506 email:registerofdeeds@picounty.org

 Presque Isle County Staff

Kathleen Karsten Register of Deeds
Danielle Kuznicki Chief Deputy Register

Vicky Kowalewsky

Deputy Register

Calendar of Events

Member of the Michigan Association of Register of Deeds which contains all 83 Counties in Michigan. This site will provide you with information on fees, & exemptions.
NOTICE: Effective October 1, 2016, recording fees will be $30.00 per document. If the document assigns or discharges more than one instrument, an additional $3.00 per instrument will be collected. The Treasurer’s tax certification remains at $5.00 per document.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A County Register of Deeds is responslble for keeping books and records and recording such instruments required or authorized by law to be recorded and must provide reasonable facilities for inspection of these records.
  • The records date back to the early 1850s and at this time you can search on computer from 1989 to present. Currently, we now scan all recorded documents.
  • We record all legible documents that are prepared accurately, make copies after payment is processed via fax or mail and we do limited searches of records. We do not keep alot of forms on hand because we are unable to prepare them but can be obtained through an attorneys office or online.
  • Records all transfers and sales of property in the county. Also records all county property mortgages, assignments or discharges regarding the same.
  • Indexes deeds, mortgages and other transaction records.
  • Records Tax Liens and fixture filings for the county. Tax lien recording fees are paid per automatic deposit.
  • Have records of gas oil and mineral leases, assignments and releases.
  • Review to make sure all documents for recording meet the requirements.
  • Prepare all reports daily as required by law.
  • Complete reports and deposit daily fund to the County Treasurer.
  • Calculates and sends into the State Remonumentation Report quarterly.

Statutory Fees as follows:

  • First page $14.00
  • Certification Fee: $5.00
  • Addition Pages: $3.00
  • Additional Libers: $3.00
  • Plat Copies: $2.00 per page
  • Copies of all documents per page: $1.00

Any other fees or questions can be found on the MARD website or by calling the office.

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